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Key Life Indicators

What are key life indicators?

Key life indicators are the different elements of our life, which make up the whole. Measuring how successful and satisfied we are with these different elements, allows us to take stock. Making changes in areas of life where you are dissatisfied will improve your overall well-being, and lead to a more fulfilled, healthier, happier version of you. The ripples you create, as you make positive changes in your life, positively impact others in your life, at work and at home.

Mental and Physical Health

Klip uses the powers of science and the community to provide preventative, holistic end-to-end well-being care. Science-backed and user-focused, we focus on helping people recognise how they can unlock the true genius that lives at their core, to help them flourish and live healthier lives.

Relationships & Communities

Your connections with other people, how you feel and
behave toward each other.

Career, Meaning and Finances

What you do for a living, the purpose and value of living, and managing your money.

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Introduce yourself to an ecosystem of clinically validated techniques for feeling better. A whole new understanding of your personal challenges and goals awaits.

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