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University is a time of huge change and adjustment for young people. Factors like a high workload, difficult relationships, and financial struggles can lead to students really suffering with their mental health

In recent years, there has been a large increase in students wanting to access mental health and other aspects of wellbeing too, but many universities do not have the staff or facilities to provide students with the care that they deserve.

Klip can provide your students with all the support they need, without increasing the workload of university faculty. When you purchase klip for your students, they receive access to:
– Medical-grade assessments to evaluate your students’ current life satisfaction and holistic wellbeing.
– Followed by personalised plans and support to ensure they achieve their wellbeing goals.

Our services will encourage your students to make positive changes in all aspects of their lives by giving them guidance on how to form healthy habits, and coping mechanisms and support for whatever problems they may be facing. When you purchase klip for your students, you will receive regular, data-driven updates that show you precisely how klip is improving the wellbeing of your university.

Looking to become one of the first universities to trial klip? 

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