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klip global is a workforce wellbeing and development service

klip Global is a workforce wellbeing and development service.  We provide employees with personalised, holistic, science-backed plans so they can lead healthier and deeply fulfilled lives of impact.


Our Key Life Indicators (KLIs) exist to support your staff wellbeing, in turn facilitating the success and strategy delivery of your organisation’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 


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Science-backed and personalised, we focus on enabling people

to recognise how they can unlock the true genius that lives at their core, to empower them to flourish and live healthier lives.


We help employees live their genius - unlock their highest potential, thereby supporting business strategy too.


We provide a live virtual service and an app. We meet our members wherever they are in their health and wellbeing, and take them on a journey, infused with science-backed methods and tools, to take them to their next levels.  

Regular, data-driven updates show you precisely how klip is improving the wellbeing of your employees. klip takes corporate wellness to the next level, encouraging everyone in your company to flourish and live their genius - unlocking their highest potential. 

We can also work with key leaders in your organisation to address structural and cultural factors which can promote optimal employee wellbeing and sustainable performance. 

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Calum's Story


CG - Team Leader

Their services have guided me to find my inner strength, to heal and recover from harmful experiences at work. I’m not sure I would have regained myself, my strength without it.

Quote From BASW

"We were delighted to participate in the klip pilot and were incredibly impressed by the impact klip global services had on the wellbeing, development and life satisfaction of social workers who participated. We have incorporated klip as part of a wellbeing offer for our staff and have actively promoted it to our professional members nationally. We would recommend other organisations offer klip global services to deliver preventative and transformative impact for staff and create healthier, happier, more productive workplaces. We continue to work with klip as they evaluate and tailor the impact and outcomes of the service for staff wellbeing.”


klip uses the powers of science and community to provide preventative, restorative, transformative, holistic wellbeing care.  

Science-backed and personalised, we focus on enabling people to recognise how they can unlock the true genius that lives at their core, to empower them to flourish and live healthier lives. 

We Are CPD Accredited Provider

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Find out how klip will improve the holistic wellbeing of your people and add value to your organisation.

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Please note we are not a therapy or crisis service. If you need immediate help or therapy, visit our Information & Resources page for links to other organisations that can help.

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