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For Your Business

Klip takes corporate wellness to the next level, encouraging everyone in your company to flourish and live their genius - unlocking their highest potential.

Regular, data-driven updates show you precisely how Klip is improving the well-being of your employees. 

We can also work with key leaders in your organisation to address structural and cultural factors which can promote optimal employee well-being and sustainable performance.

How Do We Do This

  • Live onboarding for your staff

  • Scientifically-backed assessments measuring key life areas,

  • Evidence-based outcome tracking tools, techniques, and engaging expert support, to reach well-being goals.

  • Identification of well-being issues and measuring progress, to support further improvement.

  • Compassionate, expert support and guidance through the klip academy bespoke to your needs, packed with insightful and transformational learning

  • Expert support to reduce stress and burnout and improve mental health

  • Provide membership into the klip community, where your team can share progress, get support from other professionals and share the learning

  • Regular updates in our mobile app for instant access to key insights, learnings and networking within the klip community


Tackling stress, reducing sickness

Improving employee engagement and performance

Better staff retention

Building high-performance business cultures

In turn, supporting the achievement of your business strategy

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